Lip Container (Nala)

Item No. CNT-NALA-01
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Container for liquid lipstick, lip gloss and liquid lip stain in a fun lipstick shape. Comes with a special teardrop shaped applicator for easy application. Clear container (PETG) with screw cap. Transparent body, matte black cap, clear applicator with smooth pad. Holds 4 ml (0.14 fl oz). Height without cap 6.5cm, height with cap 8cm, diameter 2cm.
For liquid lip stick and lip gloss. Tip for inserting the wiper/reducer into the vial: instead of pushing it into the opening of the vial, insert it through the rod/cap, once you screw on the cap to the vial, the wiper will be locked into the opening. Don't overfill, leave space for the wand/wiper.
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